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AGRIOCASION es la plataforma líder del mercado español en la compra/venta de maquinaria agrícola y ganadera de OCASIÓN, especializada en el mercado de habla hispana.

AGRIOCASION es la bolsa virtual más grande de España y de habla hispana de maquinaria agrícola para la gestión de la maquinaria agrícola de ocasión:

  • Con más de 150.000 máquinas comercializadas.
  • Más de 1.200 empresas del sector
  • Más de 21 años en el sector.
  • Más de 100.000 visitas al mes.
  • Divided in categories and sub-categories of products.
  • With prices, pictures and characteristics of the machines.
  • Specific for the agricultural world.


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Portales MTH
Nº1 Portal of agricultural machinery in the Spanish-speaking countries

Nº1 Portal of agricultural machinery in the Spanish-speaking countries

  • Más de 3.000 visitas diarias.
  • Más de 150.000 productos comercializados.
  • Más de 1.200 empresas del sector.
  • Más de 1.000 marcas en nuestra base de datos.
  • Agriocasion.com, Portal con 21 años de Experiencia 2000-2021.
  • The most representative companies in the sector work with us and trust in us.
  • Taylor made solutions for our clients.
  • Our proyects are audited and endorsed by several national and european administrations.
  • Solid company with continuous solutions and developments in the sector.
  • 95% of our audience is related to the agricultural sector.
  • 66% has medium/high income related to the agriculture.
  • 70% of our users consider themselves always connected to the net.
  • 96% of our users have internet access and check their mail daily.
  • 100% of our users are your potential buyers.


How to buy

Busca la máquina que te interesa, acceda a la ficha del producto y póngase en contacto con el vendedor desde el formulario de "Solicitar más información" o llamando al teléfono que aparece a la derecha del producto.

Agronet does not intervene at any point in the operation of the machine.

If you see any suspicious or fraudulent information please contact us at (+34) 987.952.268 or the mail . On the product sheet you will find a link to send a mail.

How to sell

if you are a farmer or a particular seller click here. You will be able to add up to two free ads.

If you are a Company or a professional please contact us using the form you will find here or calling /registro-empresas/ and a member of our staff will contact you to offer you a service according to your needs.

This alert service has been created as a free and automatic service, that will send you an e-mail to the e-mail you have registered when a product matching your serching queries has been uploaded to the web.

If you don't want to receive more alerts please insert your email and press unsuscribe.Go to the Alerts section

In this section you can add four machines to compare them. You only have to go to the machinery list and press compare. Up to 4 machines.

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In this section you can add your favourite machines to always have them at hand. You just have to go to the machinery list and press bookmark. There are no limits to the machines you can have as favourite.

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MTH Internacional

En MTH trabajamos duro para ofrecerte la mejor máquina europea y para acercarte a los mercados hispano hablantes.

Contacta con el Dpto. Internacional en: info@mthsl.com

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